General makeup of my political beliefs-
  • Political affiliation- The most applicable term would probably be Green Socialist. I’m registered Green, and typically vote Democrat or independent in local elections.
  • Abortion- shouldn’t be a talking point. I once heard of John Boehner telling a reporter to “leave him alone” about his habit of smoking cigarettes. “It’s legal” was his defense. Whichever outlet I heard it from (Greenstreet politics probably?) had a gem of a response- Yes it’s legal. Like abortion. I don’t think enough people take abortion lightly for it to be a pandemic sort of thing. You cannot legislate morality, and that’s all “pro-lifers” are trying to do.
  • Imigration- probably my least favorite talking point. I’m no fan of borders, I’m not much of a traveler and I’m from New Jersey. I don’t live in a border state where things may be completely different from what i’m used to. That’s a fair argument. However it’s also fair to say the way anti imigration laws are carried out in these southern states borders on biggotry, no pun intended. (is that a pun)
  • Gay Marriage- also a non issue. Let people be who they want to be. their love isn’t hurting anyone. You seeking to destroy it is.
  • defecit reduction- we need to reinvest in infrastructure, but not only that. repairing old bridges is an awful lot like releasing a greatest hits album. it’s like “remember when we invested in highways as a gift to the next generation? great, right?!” we need a new idea that reaches farther than building on the ones we’ve already put into play. To pay for this sort of thing you need tax reform that decreases the gap between the uber rich and the poor.

Gonna add to this more another time, it’s exhausting after a long day.

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